Recipe Alert!

Hey there!

So, I definitely want to incorporate recipes in this blog for your enjoyment and use.  As a mom of three, and someone that thrives on whole and homemade foods, I have never felt that having go-to, delicious and nutritious recipes at my fingertips to be more important.

I love Pinterest.  Props to whoever created it because it has played a crucial part in my life.  Although I have found plenty of great recipes on Pinterest I have also lost my patience many times.  The links that don’t work properly, the ones that connect to deleted websites; the recipes that you have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of words and pictures just to get to the real ingredients and directions, and the recipes that turn out to be just plain awful.

I promise, my recipes, and the format I will present them to you in, are none of those things.  They are simple.  They are pliable.  They are tasty.

When I opened this gift on Christmas morning, I was ecstatic.

Click the photo to shop this product!

I have been wanting something like this for a while.  Now I can keep my tried, tweaked, original, and true recipes somewhere always handy.

Once a week I plan to post one of these recipes.

I dare you to try them.  My somewhat snobbish taste for quality, good tasting, fresh food combined with being raised on my mum’s home cooking, plus working in every imaginable restaurant position at some point in my life has lead me to be a decent chef.

You won’t regret trying my recipes.

Be on the look out!

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